Viveros Hijuelas, it’s a family enterprise with over thirty years of experience in the production of ornamental plants, taking the company’s knowledge into the production of fruit species in the last few years.

Stonefly Nursery is a family enterprise that dedicates to the production of blueberries. In Chile, they are the representatives of Fallcreek Farm & Nursery, worldwide leaders in the blueberry production.

Comercializadora VH, it’s a family enterprise that focuses in the production and commercialization of productive substrates, such as composted pine bark, perlite, peat and coconut fiber.

Nefuen Nursery or Hazelnut Marketing, it is also a family enterprise, founded in 2007 by the Goycoolea and Mohr families, focused on the production of European hazelnut.

They are the exclusives representatives in South America for the Plant Breeding & Genetics Program at the Oregon State University.

Transportes San Vicente (San Vicente Transport), works in the transportation of plants and substrates.

Laboratory committed to the integral service of in vitro tissue for enterprises and customers from the Grupo Hijuelas, the production of vegetable material free of viruses and massive propagation of plants. Thirty years of experience and high end infrastructure, have placed In Vitro Lab as one of the most important in vitro propagation laboratories in the country and also an important player on a global scale.

Biosafe, focuses on the importation and development of supplies for conventional and organic agriculture, following an environmentally sustainable model.